Total Cost Solutions Curriculum

 The Concept of Strategic Cost Management
 Cost Management Roadmap
 Price Analysis
 Cost Analysis
 Profit Analysis
 Cost Modelling
 Introduction to Cost Models
 Introduction to Cost Models - Case Studies
 Industry Cost Profiles - Methodology
 Industry Cost Profiles - Examples
 Should Cost Models - Methodology
 Should Cost Models - Examples
 Should Cost Models - Case Studies
 Price Discipline Models - Methodology
 Price Discipline Models - Examples
 Price Discipline Models - Case Studies
 TCO Models - Methodology
 TCO Models - Examples
 TCO Models - Case Studies
 Introduction to AIM & DRIVE
 Agreeing on the need to manage costs
 Identifying critical costs in the supply chain
 Measuring secondary and tertiary costs
 Defining the key cost drivers and developing strategic options
 Reducing, changing or eliminating the activities that cause costs: The Strategy
 Implementing an action plan
 Verifying the plan with cost monitors
 Eternally modifying and improving the process
 Examples and Templates