TCS-I Foundations

Introduction by Jimmy Anklesaria (TCS-I-00)

Element of our Foundations course which introduces students to the Strategic Cost Management Concept. To get the Foundations course: select a bundle in our course catalog, then click above on the button "Get all for $xxx". You will get one year unlimited access to the course and all supporting content.

'Foundations' course objectives:
• To be introduced to and understand the concept of Strategic Cost Management
• To obtain a Cost Management Roadmap to assess the current level of cost management performed on any category of spend/cost, and the next steps to take on the journey to manage costs
• To obtain, understand and apply a set of price analysis tools
• To distinguish between price analysis and cost analysis
• To gain knowledge of the cost analysis tools available and learn the important cost definitions and terminology
• To prepare the student for the Cost Modelling course
  • Welcome
  • What is the Goal of Any Business?
  • Three ingredients to maximizing stock price
  • The Strategy Roadmap - Negotiation
  • The Strategy Roadmap - Breakthrough
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed