AIM&DRIVE course certification (TCS-IIIc)

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Anklesaria’s AIM & DRIVE® process is designed to take organizations in a supply chain beyond leveraging volume and negotiating price to collaboratively developing and implementing breakthrough strategies. AIM & DRIVE® helps teams develop clear actionable cost management strategies with accountability to ensure that cost savings are realized and can be leveraged across the organization. It encourages suppliers to share their experiences and best practices from other industries and to provide a new approach to eliminate or reduce costs.

'AIM&DRIVE' course objectives:
• Understand and use Anklesaria’s AIM&DRIVE® process to develop a written cost management strategy
• Learn how to select the right topic and team for the workshop
• Differentiate between cost elements and cost drivers
• Define key cost drivers and learn how to develop strategic options
• Write strategy statements and perform a comprehensive risk analysis on strategic options
• Develop realistic action plans
• Work with cross-functional teams across a supply chain
  • Total Cost Solutions III: "AIM&DRIVE" Certification
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever