TCS-II Cost Modelling

Should Cost Models - Methodology (TCS-II-03-1)

Element of our Cost Modelling course which shows how to build up a price estimate based on a cost profile and cost drivers. The Should Cost model approach is illustrated for a product and for a service. To get the Cost Modelling course: select a bundle in our course catalog, then click above on the button "Get all for $xxx". You will get one year unlimited access to the course and all supporting content.

'Cost Modelling' course objectives:
• To obtain, understand and apply a set of cost management tools that enable the transition from leveraging volume to leveraging ideas
• To gain a better knowledge of the cost structure of goods, equipment or services procured
• To identify data sources in building cost models
• To apply cost models in effective negotiations
• To use Price Discipline in long term contract negotiations
• To apply Total Cost of Ownership principles in sourcing decisions
  • Basic Should Cost Model Step 1
  • Basic Should Cost Model Step 2
  • Basic Should Cost Model Steps 3 and 4
  • How to Use the Model Effectively
  • How to get salary statistics from SalaryExpert
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed